KF_flyer_2015Upcoming Fundraising Events

Save the date! Our annual Red, White and You fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2015, at Mid Pacific Country Club.

FullSizeRenderGet your limited edition Kailua Fireworks tote bag at Lanikai General Store with $8.00 donation.

Join us for the following Kailua Fireworks fundraising events:

Every Thursday through June: Farmers’ Market with soaps for sale donated by Lanikai Bath and Body.

Saturday, September 26, 2015: Red, White and You at Mid Pacific Country Club

Fourteenth Annual 4th of July Airshow Above Kailua Bay

CRC-invertedIn what has become a tradition in patriotic Kailua, the annual Twilight Airshow will be held over Kailua Bay on July 4th. Commencing at 6:00 p.m., Hank Bruckner and Clint Churchill will demonstrate their flying mastery just offshore of Kailua Beach. Each pilot will perform about 30 of aviation’s most exciting maneuvers. The thirty minute show can best be viewed from Kailua Beach Park.

First up will be Hank Bruckner flying the French-built CAP-10C. Hank’s graceful but demanding maneuvers include the avalanche – – a loop with a snap roll on top – – and a rolling turn, in which the aircraft is rolling as it turns.

Immediately following Hank, the noise level and pace will increase with Clint’s performance in the German-built Extra 300L. As Hawaii’s only “unlimited” category airshow pilot, Clint will fly the crowd-favorite, “lomcevak” – – tumbling the plane end over end – – and the “tailswapper” – – swapping nose over tail with the wings pointing up and down.

Flight safety will be an important element with the airshow authorized and overseen by the FAA’s Flight Standards District Office. Both pilots have been flying for more than 37 years, have a combined flight time of more than 13,000 hours, and have performed at the Blue Angels airshow at MCBH Kaneohe Bay.

A former Air Force officer, Hank is the General Aviation Officer for the State of Hawaii in addition to being the president of Kaimana Aviation, Inc. where he teaches aerobatics. A former Hawaii Air National Guard F-15 pilot, Clint is president of Acroflight, Inc. and president of Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor